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Advanced. Modular. Sustainable. Modern.
Built Right. Built for Life

 ADVANCED DESIGNS- Are about evolving with time and technology. Improving our designs, adjusting the materials and technology used to manufacture our units to give ModHaus+ the leading edge in the Modular building industry.

Our vision is to create modular units similar to the way a automotive manufacture builds their vehicles. We build our units in a controlled environment in house at our factory to maintain the highest level of quality and production. We are able to maintain a high level of consistency so our customers get exactly what they were sold on, Unlike some of our competitors who sub contract their builds to other construction companies who treat each build like another number with a lack of pride and quality.

MODULAR- The best part about being modular is the ability to design, build and ship the units to where ever you need it. Since our units are being built in doors, out of the elements we can guarantee a controlled dry environment. Providing excel job satisfaction to our employees, enabling them to transfer their positive energy and attitude to produce a high level of workmanship.


SUSTAINABLE- We at ModHaus+ have the vision of building our units to be more self-sufficient and sustainable. We achieved this by making the majority of our units operate on a low amount of energy, by utilizing utility and energy systems used in motor yachts and high energy efficient homes that incorporate a high R-Value insulation, radiant heating systems, LED lighting, and A/C to DC electrical systems that are solar ready! These units can be equipped with backup generators and/or cold start fire up wood burning electrical systems incase your unit is flat dead off grid and in the dark.

MODERN- ModHaus+ design directions create something of beauty and function.  Wanting our units to feel vibrant, spacious and clean lines. Our timeless styles have a intimate appeal from the first day you have it to the last days you spend in them. We customize and carefully select the materials used to design and build our units for reliability, function and style. ModHaus+ is designed for you to live comfortably and efficiently wherever you choose to place it.

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