At ModHaus+ we work with our clients to make there dreams and wishes Realities threw various design options, And 3D visual  design software that allows us to adjust modify and make changes prior to starting the build.

At ModHaus+ We Build each and every unit with great pride and care for the quality of the workmanship and the finished product our clients receive,Our units are more then just a home their a way of life 

ModHaus+ Will go the distance for our clients! We understand that some of our units need to be shipped to far locations or water locked locations on island on rock tops and back woods country that have narrow tighter roads , Which is why we have Barging equipment and 4X4 trucks and off road capable trailers crane trucks etc to ensure your New ModHaus+ makes it to your location safely and properly 

level 1 - Land Assessment Without coming to the site   - $400.00

    • In this situation you feel that access for truck and cranes would not be a issue and a in person site visit is not necessary 

      • This is a list of what is included in this package:

        • Phone Consultation with a Team Member

        • Land Accessibility review

          • After Researching the location If we feel that a crane or Transport truck will have issues accessing the site we would recommend us visiting the site to access clearances so we can develop a Strategy plan for delivery and set up 

          • The cost for a site visit is $1,000.00*

        • Price for a ModHaus+ Completely finished with your selected options from the Modhaus+ option

        •  Estimate for the Delivery and installation 

        • 3D Design Renderings and Proposal to move Forwards on to the next level 

Level 2 : 3D Design Renderings - $4,000.00

This is the stage where we really start putting everything together for you 

Once we have completed the Land Assessment and you are committed to the 3D Design Renderings , We will provide you with a 3D design package showing you your ModHaus+ Model on its foundation and a view look alike on your property.

  • This is a list of what is included in this package:

    • A Call with our Designers to go over renderings 

    • Review Model and Placements  , foundation specs,  budget proposals, Build goals

    • Verification of Zoning

    • Schematic  Rendering Packages

    • 2 Design Revision included

    • Engineering and Design Proposal to move onto Level 3

Level 3: The is a complete Project Engineering and Build Design Platform the cost to initiate this starts at $7,500.00 and up depending on the size and design schematics of the Build Project 

  • Once we have completed the Schematic Design and you have committed to the Design and Engineering Proposal that we presented in Step 2, we will start on your architectural and engineered set drawings for your building permit submission. Below is a list of deliverables:

    • Development Permit (DP) Drawing Package

      • Elevations Site plans, floorplans, and foundation design specs.

      • your first design draft of your architectural drawings.

      • Depending on the municipality they may allow us to use this as a Development Permit and approval set where other Municipalities would require a fully approved engineering package.

      • Building Engineering 

      • Energy loss and Efficiency calculations and reports

      • Site Engineering

      • Septic Design specs

      • Biological Soil Report

      • Flood Zone Report

      • ​Land Prep proposal 
      • Modhaus+ Engineering stamp for the model being built for your specific site

      • Concreate ,Or Structural Steel Foundation design engineering

Level 4: Build deposit, Is 10% of the final Build price, And is required to hold a project build slip with us as well as the pricing of the Model Quoted  for 7 months from time of the payment. after that the remaining Construction Building Deposit of 30% of the Modhaus+ is due no later then 70 days from the scheduled build start date.

The final 7 steps of the Build project are listed in our formal building proposal package and app that you will be able to track and follow online with your own access password to the Building Application.